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Mithra Weyr is a 10th Pass AU Pern Universe. AVIAS failed to do it's job to rid Pern of thread, and instead it's irradiated the creatures. Strange colors have been popping up since the incident, and the watch whers have grown stronger, with the ability to fully fly like dragons and speak just as well.

Weyrs like Benden have refused the new colors, and stand as one of the few Weyrs who only have the original five. Mithra Weyr was built to house the new colors, letting them live freely without restrictions.

Golds have become all the more rare because of the mutations, and the world is waiting to see the fate of the Weyrs who only support them as queens.

Thread looms on the horizon and Mithra Weyr needs riders to protect it from the impending doom.

Please feel free to PM any member of staff with questions or concerns.
Mithra's Mod Squad
» 8.11.16 Hatching number 2 is complete, congratulations to all! » 5.14.16 The Marvel Civil war Clutch is on the sands! Touching to begin soon.
» 4.30.16 Candidates needed for Nanaseth's clutch!
» 4.19.16 Congratulations to Citrine-Beryllium Valohath AND Bronze Hyacinth?! Two dragons flew our junior queen..what will this mean?
» 2.13.16 Mithra's first hatching is now finished! Congratulations to everyone, we hope you enjoy your babies! The hatching feast is going on now!!

» 2.1.16 Officially open for one month! Thank you all for making this place a great place to be. I love what Mithra is becoming. Keep up the great work you guys!!

» 1.19.16 We've been open for over 2 weeks! We love how the site is coming along, and we hope all of you do, too. The touching is scheduled for January 20, so don't forget that!

» 1.1.16 Mithra is officially open! Come join us and enjoy the fun!

Mithra Weyr was skinned by Miss Texas, with heavy edits by Remedy. Custom Forum Structure is by Black, and the tabbed sidebar is by Kismet. Thank you all for making Mithra beautiful.

The information located within Mithra Weyr is either original to Mithra or brought over from the previous site, Rivers End Weyr. Works are a collective effort by members of the site both past and present, all ideas are original to Mithra and should not be taken without direct permission. Adult dragon bases and dragon hatchling bases are by Nataku and wher bases are from deviantart. Thank you to everyone who has provided information, artwork and plotting to Mithra and helping to make this site what it is. All characters belong to players of Mithra and may not be taken by anyone.

The beautiful world of Pern belongs to Anne McCaffrey.

Congrats Marvel Weyrlings!
Kingriders wanted for Sr Weyrleader flight!

Mithra Weyr latest news: And So The Plotting Begins!
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In here you will find everything you need to know as far as rules, site plot, concept, an FAQ, and a bestiary. This information will be most helpful to read before you create your account. If you still have questions feel free to PM an admin.
9 2 Aug 22 2016, 02:21 PM
In: Credits
By: Remedy
Mithra Canon
Information pertaining to the site itself, history, ranks and hierarchy, and anything unique to Mithra, including colors, are in here.
6 3 Jan 16 2016, 11:10 AM
In: Maps
By: Mithra Weyr
Listen up! Be sure to check this forum on a frequent basis as important site information will be posted within. monthly newsletters and important site updates will be listed in here!
21 66 Yesterday at 11:11 pm
In: And So The Plotting Begins!
By: Wanderer
If you have anything to suggest to us, you can always post it within this forum. polls for member opinions will also be posted here so you may vote on changes. but the purpose of this board is for you, the members to provide us with feedback so we can better serve you as staff and give you the best site we can!
1 0 Feb 24 2016, 02:57 PM
In: Font
By: Tig

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Creation Station
Application information as well as where to post characters

Subforums: Application, Completed, Incomplete, Adoptables

14 6 Today at 03:10 am
In: Devon | Candidate | Male
By: Devon
Character Directory
Once accepted all applications will be sorted into this forum and all of it's sub-boards for easy look-up. The member directory and who's who is also located in here.

Subforums: Candidates, Weyrlings, Dragonriders, Wherhandlers, Weyrfolk, Credit Characters

84 64 Aug 22 2016, 11:13 AM
In: Jordan | Silver Weyrling | ...
By: Jordan
Lists & Records
Within this forum are all flight and hatching records as well as lists of all riders, dragons, whers etc. face claims are also found in here.

Subforums: Marks Claim, Thread Trackers

48 59 Aug 23 2016, 02:40 PM
In: Dae's marks
By: DaeSiggil
Plots & Want Ads
Come here to post character shippers, want ads, add open threads and more.

Subforums: Thread Requests, Wanted Characters

33 157 Aug 24 2016, 02:00 PM
In: Ningyo's Plotting Corner
By: Jaffy

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The Weyrbowl is the vast opening in the center of the Weyr itself. In it's center is the landing point for all incoming dragons, it also houses pens for heardbeasts, training grounds, the waterfall and lake.
18 157 Yesterday at 01:51 pm
In: Early morning mud run (open)
By: Evaline
Lower Caverns
The Lower Caverns house things such as the infirmary, kitchens and dining hall as well as a labyrinth of halls leading throughout the Weyr. It is perhaps the busiest place in the Weyr at all times.

Subforums: Kitchens, Dining Hall, Weyrfolk Quarters

9 48 Yesterday at 12:32 am
In: Confronting the Climber
By: Kelati
The area in which the Candidates and Weyrlings live during those stages of Weyr life. Relatively close to each other, the biggest differences are the weyrling barracks are bigger, enough for your growing dragon to have ample space.

Subforums: Weyrling Barracks, Candidate Barracks

14 76 Today at 12:28 am
In: Romping in the Furs!
By: S'var
Rider weyrs
Meticulously cut out of the stone on the fireheights and face of the caldera, the riders weyrs are where grown pairs reside.
10 54 Yesterday at 04:21 pm
In: A Meeting to Make a Difference
By: S`uha
Hatching Grounds
When there aren't females on the sands, it's an empty cavern filled with hot sands. It's always unseasonably hot inside, good for incubating the eggs after laying. Egg heavy females will gather here to lay their eggs and guard them while they harden. Hatchings also take place here.
4 253 Yesterday at 06:21 pm
In: You Are Not Prepared!
By: Fennore
Located just off the Weyrbowl, the infirmary is where you'd come for injuries, births, and anything that bothers you. It is split in half for dragons and dragonkin, in a much larger side and for humans, in the respectfully smaller side.
3 25 Aug 10 2016, 04:32 PM
In: And we know it's never ...
By: D'nen
The Skies
The skies around Mithra Weyr are busy with the coming and going of dragon wings. With lazy flights througout the day, fast paced mating flights and battling dreaded thread.

Subforums: Flights, Threadfall

4 57 Aug 5 2016, 07:44 PM
In: All That Glisters Is Not Gold
By: Branwen
Blacksands Beach
Outside of the Weyr, just adjacent to it is the Blacksands Beach. From when the Weyr was an active volcano, it's hardened lava was corroded enough to turn the colors of the sand on the beach from golden to black. It's stunning and a popular place for relaxing.
5 30 Yesterday at 09:46 pm
In: What the water gave me
By: Indivion

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Anywhere on Pern
To avoid making a bunch of boards, here's the catch all for anywhere that isn't around Mithra Weyr.
3 13 Aug 23 2016, 02:17 PM
In: Searching To Find My Reason
By: N'kal
Mithra Holds
All of Mithra's holds will be sub-boarded into here~
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In: ----
The Outlands
The outskirts of the Weyr, anywhere surrounding it within at least a 25 mile radius. Whether it be between Holds, the sky, or what have you.
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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
general chatter
post games, welcomes, get to know eachother, art stuff or whatever you want in here. it's the out of character playground!
Subforums: Contests & Games

40 155 Aug 24 2016, 06:15 PM
In: How did YOU find Mithra?
By: pandoraMisfit
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records room
completed threads from all over the board will be moved here for archive purposes. this is not open to guests.
Subforums: Inactive Characters

33 15 Jul 17 2016, 07:02 PM
In: Cuan | Wingrider | Agender
By: florence
Guest Friendly If you wish to advertise or affiliate with us please post within this forum in the correct board!

link back | first time | affiliate

Subforums: Affiliate, First time, Link Back & Accepted

225 18 Yesterday at 09:26 pm
In: Welcome to Wilmington!
By: Wombat
Benden Plot
To those of us who have decided to take part in the Benden plot by way of 'adopting' a NPC for it, this forum will give you grounds to play them and get a hang of them before that plot is launched. All site rules apply here, if you have a Benden Plot character, post IC with your OOC account. Have fun!
1 0 Yesterday at 12:45 am
In: What is this?
By: Remedy

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